Who? What? Where? When?

Who: In these live streaming sessions you'll be lead by some AMAZING, very skilled, business minded individuals (including but not limited to business moguls Dr. Jewel Tankard, Chyna Bethley) -- as well with a brilliant strategist Dr. Kathy Kirkland utilizing a revolutionary software called the "Web Analyzer" (invented by Steven Hooley).

What: We're going to be guiding you through an EXCITING live experience trading the markets utilizing a brilliant strategy on one of the #1 retail trading software. Save this image, because you're going to need it to participate!

Where: Click here, or the button above that says "Go Now!" to login!

When:Talk show sessions start on Breakfast Club FX at 9am EST, 8am CST, 6am PST, and 30 minutes later the LIVE trading begins (which you can login by clicking the "go now!" button above). Don't be late!